What to Put in a Diaper Bag

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What to Put in a Diaper Bag

Your diaper bag will go everywhere baby goes.  You will carry it so much that it may even replace your purse.  Therefore, select a bag that you like, and it needs to have lots of pockets.  Once you have the bag, it can be hard to think of everything that should go in it until you are out somewhere and need something that you don’t have.  That leaves many new moms wondering “what to put in a diaper bag.” Below I outline everything that is in my diaper bag for my 8-month old son.  Some of the contents are pretty constant but others will come and go as baby grows and reaches new stages.  If you want to skip my narrative, you can download the list here.

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    Collection of baby items that go inside of a diaper bag spread out on a coffee table.
    Above is my diaper bag with all of the items that I keep in it.  Stocked like this it’s always ready to grab and walk out the door at a moment’s notice.

    The above image shows everything that fits into my bag and believe it or not, I have a bit of space left over.

    Thin blanket: good for putting down when you want to let baby play on the floor

    Extra onesie: messes happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you switch this when baby grows out of a clothing size.  Since it’s summer, a onesie is the only piece of extra clothing I have, but during the winter I will also have a pair of pants and socks.

    Hat: It’s sunny here and Paxton doesn’t have very much hair; therefore, I always have a hat on hand in case we are outside for more than a couple minutes.

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    Sling carrier: This carry is basically just a piece of fabric, so it’s easy to fold and store in my bag. I have this Seven Everyday Sling.

    Burp rags: I have 3 in my bag right now, but for younger babies that are still in the spit up stage, I recommend even more.  Burp rags are good for all sorts of things.

    Toy: I have one with a clip attached to the outside of my bag. It doesn’t require any space inside but is ready to pull out when I need baby entertainment in a pinch.

    Sunscreen: I have a little bottle on a clip in case we spend more time outside than previously planned.

    Empty bottle: For mixing and feeding formula

    Formula powder packets: I keep 3 or 4 of the powder packets that have enough powder in each to make a 4-ounce bottle. I use these formula packets*.

    Bottled water: For mixing with powder formula or a quick drink for myself.

    Ready to drink formula bottles: I keep 2 or 3 of the 2-ounce ready to serve bottles on hand.  These are the ones that I use. They were enough for a meal when
    Paxton was tiny, but now they just buy me a little time.

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    Nipples for ready to drink bottles: I keep 2 nipples on hand that can be screwed onto the top of the ready to drink bottles.

    Snack container: Now that Paxton is old enough to eat cheerios, yogis and puffs, I keep a snack container that has three compartments on hand for when Paxton starts getting hangry. I love this 3-compartment snack container*.

    Teething biscuits: Also good for buying time when Paxton is hangry.  A plus is that kids are usually able to eat these quite a bit earlier than they can eat cheerios. Paxton likes these ones.  They could easily get crumbled in a diaper bag though, so I store them in Crystal Lite drink mix plastic containers.

    Applesauce cup (no added sugar) and food pouch: For if Paxton needs something more substantial than snacks.

    Spoon and sip attachments for pouches: These make the pouch much less messy. I love these spoon attachments because they have a cap and lock so you can store the pouch.

    Baby spoon: For the applesauce.

    Bib: To keep the mess contained.

    Extra pacifier and strap: For mid-store meltdowns and the strap keeps it off the gross public floors.

    Diapers: I usually go with 1 per hour I’m going to be out plus a couple extra.

    Wipes: I keep 2 travel packs handy.

    Changing pad: So that you have a place to change baby (my bag has one build in)

    Diaper rash cream: I like the Honest Company travel tubes here because it’s less messy on my hands compared to other brands which is important when I’m out.

    Gallon-sized bags: I keep a few tucked into my bag for storing soiled clothes until I get home.  They are also good for messy diapers if you are somewhere that you can’t throw one away.

    Nasal bulb: You never know when a nose will need suctioning.

    Hand sanitizer: I use a cute little holder to attach it to the outside of my bag, so it’s always handy.

    Items for me (tissues, snack bar, notepad, pen, chapstick, ponytail holder, and wallet): Like I mentioned earlier, the diaper bag often replaces a purse.  (The items like tissues and snacks are good for dealing with hangry husbands too.)

    As a disclaimer, my husband refuses to carry my bag and is glad he has his own.  He skips the personal items, but otherwise has most of the same things as I do.

    If you have a younger baby, you won’t need the solid food options, but here are some additional items I suggest adding:  Extra formula packets or bottles, extra burp rags, and a spare shirt for you.

    Make sure to grab the PDF checklist here!

    What are some things that you think are must haves in a diaper bag?  Tell me in the comments.

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    What to Put in a Diaper Bag

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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