Where did all this stuff come from?!?! – What Nursery Items Are Really Necessary?

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Where did all this stuff come from?!?! – What Nursery Items Are Really Necessary?

Who knew that someone so tiny can come with so much stuff – certainly not my husband and me!  When we moved into our 4 bed, 3 bath house we thought we had space to spare, especially with an entire room dedicated to a future tiny human.  However, by the time we had everything we thought we needed and everyone told us we needed, we had filled that room and then some.  Some of the stuff people gave us/said we needed ended up being wonderful and other things aren’t so necessary.  Below is my review on what common nursery items are really necessary.  To see what toys are really necessary, check out this post.

Rating Scale:

–       Green: Definitely recommend purchasing

–       Yellow: Might be good to have

–       Red: Don’t bother

Baby Furniture That Grows with Baby: Rating Green

            There are many cute baby cribs and changing tables, but those only last a couple of years and then they get put in storage and don’t have any more use unless you have another baby.  However, various companies now make cribs that convert to toddler beds and then full-size beds and changing table toppers that attach to the top of dressers.  These sets also have dressers and end tables that go together.  This allows you to create a classy nursery with a good quality crib and safe changing place without ending up needing all new furniture in a couple of years.  We went with a medium grey set and purchased the low dresser with changing table topper, the crib, and toddler and full-size bed conversion sets.  We won’t need the conversion sets for a couple of years but wanted to make sure we had them in case the style was discontinued.  This ended up being a good idea since it was a Babies ‘R’ Us brand and now that’s no more. The set also has end tables, but everything is built very sturdy and we didn’t want too much clunky furniture filling up the room.  Walmart end tables that you put together ended up being a $10 solution that fits nicely into the room.  Other than a full-sized mattress and a desk, Paxton is set on bedroom furniture until he moves out.

Grey dresser with floating shelves
Nursery with grey crib and glider and image images on wall

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Glider/Rocker: Rating Green

 Some people said we needed this and others said it wasn’t necessary.  After 5 months I decided I’m glad we have this.  It was great for nursing when we first brought Paxton home because the armrests really helped me position him.  I did eventually start nursing on the couch or in other areas instead of always holing up in his room.  I would still recommend having some type of comfy chair that rocks and has armrests to have in the nursery.  There isn’t any reason why I can’t feed Paxton on the couch now, but I like being able to go into his room before his nap or bedtime and turn the lights off and feed him there to settle him down and get him into sleep mode.  This chair is also a lifesaver when he is cranky because we can go in there and snuggle and rock, and he calms right down.  Having a chair with the area beneath the armrests open allows for your baby’s legs to stretch out as he gets bigger, but I just put Paxton’s legs on top of the armrest and don’t have any problems. This is the one that I have and would highly recommend.

Nursery with grey crib, glider and window shutters

Humidifier: Rating Yellow

This was something that registry lists said I should include, and other mothers told me it was a must-have.  However, in 5 months I haven’t felt like I had to have it.  I do run it on a low setting pretty continuously and it may have helped when Paxton was pretty stuffy the first few weeks after he was born.  We have one that is a cute elephant shape, so it looks nice in the nursery. You can see it here. I guess when you need it, you want to make sure you have it, but I haven’t really had a major need.

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Mobile: Rating Yellow

We registered for a cute safari mobile that would look great in the nursery.  However, all the cute ones are crank style.  This meant that it was pretty to look at but served almost no purpose.  Therefore, we ordered a more toy-like style off Amazon. This is the one we got that we really like.  This one plays for 40 minutes with just the push of a button and has an optional night light.  We still don’t use it a ton because Paxton prefers to fall asleep without it.  However, when he wakes up and I’m not quite ready for work, it usually buys me an extra 15 minutes to finish getting ready.

Noise Machine: Rating Green

We have a cute owl-shaped one for the nursery that shines stars on the ceiling and a little travel sized one for when we are away from home. You can see the owl noise machine here.  This is the travel noise machine we have. I would rate a noise machine as a must have.  I used the lights initially as a night light but after a couple of months, Paxton preferred sleeping in a totally dark room.  The noise machine has been on since the day we brought him home, and I definitely think it has helped him sleep as well as block out some of the noise we make while he’s sleeping.  He also is used to sleeping someplace that isn’t totally quite which helps when we need him to sleep on the go.

Do you agree with my assessments?  Why or why not?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Where did all this stuff come from?!?! – What Nursery Items Are Really Necessary?

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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