Toys on a Budget| The $8 Toy

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Toys on a Budget| The  Toy

Babies play with anything they can hold and put into their mouth, so why not provide them with toys on a budget?  It’s great for their development to make the items they have access to varied so that they can explore different textures, shapes, weights, etc.  For you, it’s nice when these items are cheap and quiet.  Enter the dump bucket.

The dump bucket is something I created by wandering through Doller Tree and spending a total of $8.  It’s one of the cheapest toys Paxton has, but the one that gets the most use, and the beauty is that as baby gets older you can change up the items in the container.  Here is what I included in Paxton’s dump bucket.

A plastic bucket, piece of felt, car drying rag, metal spoons, foam sheets, mixing spoons, measuring cups and a spatula laid out.
Items used to create Paxton’s dump bucket

1.)   A light-weight plastic container to hold everything.  Paxton loves this because he can dump it out, chew on it, and use it as a drum.  I love it because when I pick up his toys, I can toss everything back into it.

2.)   A piece of fleece

3.)   A vehicle drying mitt that is super soft with a weird texture.

4.)   Metal spoons

5.)   Pieces of foam for crafting

6.)   4-pack of plastic mixing spoons

7.)   Rubber spatula

8.)   Set of measuring cups

 To pick these items, I walked the aisles of Dollar Tree and selected things that would be safe for a baby to chew on.  When selecting your items, stay away from anything that has small pieces that may come off, items that are small enough to be swallowed and anything that may be toxic if ingested.  Otherwise, use your imagination to create a unique bucket for your child.

I’m always looking for new items to add, so let me know if you have something that your kiddo loves to play with!

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Toys on a Budget| The  Toy

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