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The world has so much to offer, and you want to enjoy the sights, culture, and food with your whole family. When I had our baby, we rearranged our entire schedule and sleeping patterns. It was alright adjusting to my baby’s schedule at home but traveling with a curious toddler was a whole new level.

My first vacation with the whole family was challenging at first. We were a bit unprepared. So I’m sharing my online travel companions for new mothers reading this blog. Get to know my top 10 best travel apps and find what fits your travel or location!

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Here Are my best travel apps when traveling with a baby

Make sure you get these apps before your next trip with kids (or even without)!

  1. Southwest: I LOVE Southwest when flying with a baby. The open seating policy works great for traveling with a baby because if there is an empty seat, they will let you claim it.  They also allow every ticketed passenger to check 2 bags for free.  This is a definite win with how much stuff is required for traveling with a baby.  All that said, we always fly Southwest, so the app is my #1.  When my Rapid Rewards number is entered for a booked flight, the flight automatically shows up in the app.  I use this to easily keep track of my upcoming trips, monitor rewards points and check-in for flights.  When I travel alone, I use this for my boarding pass as well.
  2. Uber/Lyft: Without the ridesharing apps, I wouldn’t ever make it to my final destination. I lumped these two apps together because I choose based on whichever one is less expensive at any given time. Most drivers drive for both Uber and Lyft, so I find the service isn’t really any different.  They just have different surge rates and promotions.
  3. iExit: I can’t drive anywhere on an interstate without this app.  I first started using this app when I was driving to a lot of horse shows.  It was important for me to select exits based on whether they had diesel gas and if I could get a horse trailer in.  However, I still use this app because I always like to have my next food or coffee stop planned out, and this app allows for that. When traveling with kids, being able to find the perfect exit to stop at becomes even more important.  This app allows you to look as far forward as you would like on the interstate and see what food and gas are at each exit. 
  4. GoogleMaps: This is an app that is essential for keeping my husband happy.  I am perfectly fine with using the default navigation app that iPhones come with. However, my husband passionately declares that Google Maps and Waze are vastly superior.  I prefer Google Maps because I think Waze has too much information and gets really distracting.
  5. Seat Guru: Along with my reasoning for iExit about planning my food and coffee, I like to do this in airports as well.  This is also really important with a kid because I can’t wander the airport looking for the perfect food.  Gate Guru tells me exactly what food is in each terminal and which gate it is located at.  I can plan exactly what food we will get before we ever get off the plane. 
  6. Mamava: This app is lower on my list because breastfeeding was temporary and I’m currently not breastfeeding.  However, it was a life-saver while I was breastfeeding. Along with using Gate Guru to plan my food, I used Mamava to plan where I could nurse or pump.  This app told me exactly where the nursing mother rooms are in each airport.
  7. Starbucks: This isn’t really a travel app, but it’s one of my most used apps while traveling.  Mama needs coffee after all.
  8. GasBuddy: As a mom, I’m all about saving money. This app makes it super easy to find the best gas prices where ever we are. 
  9. Southwest Entertainment app: Keeping my husband entertained while flying is as important as keeping my son entertained. The Southwest entertainment app provides free TV and movies that hubby can watch on his cell phone.
  10. Flight Board: This app is helpful in a variety of situations.  If you have a quick connection, you can check your connecting flight info as soon as you land.  If you are in a crazy busy airport, this app saves you the hassle of finding the flight boards in the airport.  If you have a long connection, it can be nice to find a somewhat empty corner of the airport for baby to stretch or nap.  This app allows you to keep track of your flight status when there is no flight board in sight.

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There you have it. My top 10 travel apps for traveling with kids. My 10-month old son has been on 10 round-trip flights, so take a page out of my book and have these apps in your arsenal when you take a trip with kids (but they are helpful for traveling on your own too).  If you like apps, make sure to check out my full travel app post here which contains over 20 FREE travel apps to make your travels with kids a little bit easier.

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