MyDoctorSuggests Alkaline Structured Silver Review

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MyDoctorSuggests Alkaline Structured Silver Review

Recently I had the opportunity to review the collection of Alkaline Structured Silver Products from  These products are marketed is being effective for a wide variety of issues affecting the typical young family.  According to the product site, these products may be helpful for yeast infections, acne, diaper rash, gut/microbiome, flu/colds, cuts, scrapes and burns, scaring and anti-aging among other things. 

I don’t know about you, but my family struggles with many of these things, so I was curious to see if structured silver would be a natural answer to the problems. 

Before I get into my experience using the products, I want to cover a little background on silver supplements.

Silver containing remedies have been used throughout history and are still used topically in some instances in traditional medicine today.  The first documented use was in the 1800s.  When talking about silver supplementation, there are two types of silver, colloidal silver and structured silver.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a liquid that contains tiny silver particles and has been marketed as a dietary supplement on the internet.  However, this product has been shown to not be safe for oral ingestion and can cause serious side effects such as argyria where the skin gets a bluish-gray discoloration.  In short, you don’t want to ingest colloidal silver.

Structured Silver

Structured silver was developed around 2010 and it’s 99.999% water and 0.001% silver that is bonded to the water.  Older products are acidic while newer products are alkaline making them more similar to the normal pH of blood.  The alkaline form of structured silver is designed to be taken every day and as needed.  These products do not accumulate in the body like colloidal silver, making them much safer.

Why Does Silver Work?

It has antibacterial properties and may have antiviral and antifungal properties as well. It’s important to make sure to talk with your doctor prior to starting to use oral silver products. Likewise, talk to your vet before using silver-containing products for your pets.

What Products Did I Try?

I tried the following products:

  • Silver Solution
  • Silver Mint Mouthwash
  • All Natural Silver Lozenge (honey and lemon)
  • Silver-Infused Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
  • Organic Silver Soap (all natural lavender)
  • Silver Gel with Aloe Vera
  • Silver Gel (activated for maximum strength)

I also received 3 booklets with helpful information.

  • The Silver Miracle
  • Health & Beauty Secrets for Her
  • Silver and Animals

So, What Did I Think of the Products?

Note: I did receive the products mentioned in this post as a gift.  However, this review is my own opinion and not influenced by the company in any way.

Silver Solution

The suggested use for an adult is 2 tsp twice a day.  For children over 4, it’s ½ tsp twice a day.  The liquid tasted like stale water.  Therefore, it was tolerable to just drink it straight.  However, I preferred to mix the two tsp into my tea.  When I did that, I didn’t even notice it was in there. 

I can’t say that I noticed any specific benefits of the solution.  However, I didn’t see any negative effects.  My husband and I both used the solution and while using it we stayed healthy.  Was this because of the silver or because it’s not cold/flu season anymore?  I’ll leave that to you to decide. This was probably my least favorite product. Keep reading to see which one was my favorite.

a bottle of alkaline structured silver solution from MyDoctorSuggests

Silver Mint Mouthwash

This was by far my favorite product.  The directions for this are to swish a mouthful for 30 seconds twice a day and then either swallow it or spit it out.  The taste was like a peppermint candy.  At first it was a little surprising because I was expecting the strong taste of other mouthwashes.  However, the taste was pleasant and left my mouth feeling refreshed.  An added bonus for this mouthwash is that it doesn’t contain alcohol.  Therefore, it didn’t leave me with horrible dry mouth like most other mouthwashes do.

I would say we saw benefit from this product.  My husband has horrible breath even when he has recently brushed his teeth and used normal mouthwash.  I’m guessing he has some bacteria built up in his mouth which is causing the bad breath.  While using the Silver Mint Mouthwash twice a day, I noticed a big difference in his breath.  I think the silver component helped knock down the bacteria in his mouth to improve his breath. The taste and my husband’s improved breath, put this product at the top of my list.

a bottle of silver mint mouthwash from MyDoctorSuggests

All Natural Silver Lozenge (honey and lemon)

These can be used to sooth sore throats or to provide silver supplementation instead of using the solution.  These were soothing for a sore throat, and they tasted amazing – like eating a piece of candy.  I didn’t try using them for supplementation. Other than tasting better than normal lozenges, I didn’t see a big benefit.  However, the silver could theoretically be beneficial if you have strep-throat due to its antibacterial properties.

All natural silver lozenge package from MyDoctorSuggests

Silver-Infused Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

I have really dry hands because my job involves washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer.  I decided to try the lotion on my hands to see if it would be strong enough to moisturize them.  It did seem to work well.  My torn cuticles finally started to heal while using this lotion.  The silver component likely played a role by providing antibacterial effects to protect the broken skin. 

Silver infused hand & body lotion from MyDoctorSuggests

Organic Silver Soap (all natural lavender)

I really liked the soap.  I’m not usually a fan of bar soaps because they are difficult to use and I never feel like I get clean.  However, this Organic Silver Soap lathers really nicely, smells great and has a nice moisturizing component.  I liked the lavender scent, but there are other scents available that I would try. My husband even commented how much he liked this soap!

organic silver soap from MyDoctorSuggests

Silver Gel with Aloe Vera

I decided to make a habit of using this on my legs.  I have a horrible time with razer burn, and I can’t seem to find a razor that doesn’t cause it at least a little.  Therefore, my lower legs are always dry, sore and irritated.  I figured this gel would be perfect because it indicated it’s hydrating and the aloe vera sounded soothing. 

I used the gel every time I shaved, and I did notice a difference.  Traditional lotion hadn’t worked, so I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement using this gel.  The only downside is the gel leaves my hands feeling sticky, but it’s easy enough to wash off.

pH Balanced Structured Silver Gel with Aloe Vera from MyDoctorSuggests

Silver Gel (activated for maximum strength)

While I kept the gel with aloe in my bathroom, I dedicated this gel to my son’s changing table.  I decided we would test it out for diaper rash treatment/prevention.  It seemed to work okay, but I don’t think I would replace traditional diaper rash creams as I don’t think a gel is quite as protective as a cream base. 

Even though I won’t be using this for diaper rash, I will be keeping this gel in the first aid kit.  My son is just figuring out the whole walking thing which means scrapes are somewhat common in our house.  This gel works really well on scrapes and burns because the silver is antibacterial and the gel itself is soothing.

Extra strength structured silver gel from MyDoctorSuggests

The booklets aren’t something that I would purchase on their own, but as an accompaniment to the products, they provide interesting background and recommendations.  Here is briefly what’s contained in each booklet.

The Silver Miracle Booklet

This booklet is designed to provide all the info you need about the history, benefits and future of silver products.  I did find some of the information helpful; however, some of it was a little doomsday-esque for my taste.  There is a helpful section that goes over all the possible uses and exactly how much of a product to use and how to use it which is helpful.

The Silver Miracle booklet from MyDoctorSuggests

Silver for Animals Booklet

This booklet includes background information as well as ideas for how silver may be beneficial for animals.  I don’t have a dog, and I wasn’t willing to administer anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to my cats, so I can’t say much more about this.

Silver and Animals booklet from MyDoctorSuggests

Health & Beauty Secrets for Her

This booklet includes quite a bit of background on silver products as well as recommendations for various uses.  The recommendations are detailed and easy to follow.

Health & Beauty Secrets for Her booklet from MyDoctorSuggests

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really liked the mouthwash, the soap and the aloe-containing silver gel.  I will also keep a bottle of the regular gel handy for first aid use, but hopefully won’t need it too often.  I didn’t really see sufficient benefit from the oral solution to justify continuing to use it, and I’m still debating on the lotion.  However, I’m off to try that on my son’s roughed-up knees, so he may be getting a new brand of lotion.    

Products like this work differently for different people.  If you are striving for a natural lifestyle, these may have some benefit.  If you want to give the products a try, you can get 20% off your first purchase at using my unique link. 

If you have tried silver products, leave a comment to let me know what you thought of them.

MyDoctorSuggests Alkaline Structured Silver Review

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Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products! I always want to try more holisitc or natural solutions but I’m always afraid they won’t work as well as the stuff we’re used to. Helpful to have this insight! Also – I love a good soap, so I may have to check it out 🙂

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