Fall Activities With Baby

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Fall Activities With Baby

Fall is here and with it comes Halloween, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.  When you have older kids, it can be relatively easy to find activities for the family to do on evenings and weekends.  However, what can you do with a baby that is less than a year old that will feel like you are celebrating fall, but that the whole family (including baby) will enjoy?  Here are my top 5 fall activities with baby!

Introduce Pumpkin Puree to Baby

As moms get excited for pumpkin spice (even though I don’t excited – see this post for more details), it’s the perfect time to introduce pumpkin puree to your older baby that is eating solids.

Fall Photo Shoot

The leaves are changing colors, and it’s not too hot or too cold. There’s often a nice breeze, and the sun isn’t too bright. Fall is the perfect time to do a family photo shoot.  You could hire a professional photographer, but why not take your own photos.  Find some nice scenery at the park or set up some pumpkins and corn stalks or a pile of leaves to make a great fall photo area at home.  Check out this post with tips for taking photos of baby.

baby in a pumpkin with football.  black and white photo except pumpkin is orange.

Trip to the Park

Fall means breezy and not too hot. That’s the perfect weather for a trip to the park.  Dress baby appropriately for the weather and head out with a snack, some toys and a blanket.  Set up under a tree near the playground and let baby play and watch the older kids play.  You can both enjoy the weather and admire the changing leaves.

Baby sitting on picnic blanket in the park in the fall

Go To A Pumpkin Patch

Don’t Buy Your Pumpkin at the Store. Pumpkin patches can be great fun for older kids, but they can also be fun for older babies too. This is another one that is best for babies older than 6 months.  Go as a family and pick out a couple of pumpkins (you can use these in your photo shoot).  Everyone gets to enjoy some fresh air and fall festivities.  As a bonus you can get super cute photos with baby surrounded by pumpkins.

baby standing by a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch

Attend a Parade

Many towns have parades for Halloween and Veteran’s Day. Take baby to watch one of these.  Baby will enjoy all the bright colors and looking at the firetrucks.  This may not be the best option for really young babies though because they can easily get overstimulated.  Stick to this one for babies older than 6 months.  If it’s a Halloween parade, dress baby up in a cute costume to wear while watching the parade.

Do a Thanksgiving Day Run/Walk

Most towns have a 5K run/walk on Thanksgiving morning. Bundle baby up in a jogging stroller and head out for some fresh air and family exercise before Thanksgiving dinner and football.  Baby will like seeing the sites and people watching.  Also, many people dress up for this race, so there will likely be some fun costumes for baby to look at.  If you think fitness sounds great, check out my post on fitting it in as a new mom.

mom and dad in running clothes with baby in jogging stroller

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Fall Activities With Baby

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