If You Aren’t Using These 4 Money-Saving Apps, You Are Missing Out on Free Money!

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

(My husband funds his hobby with #3!)

If You Aren’t Using These 4 Money-Saving Apps, You Are Missing Out on Free Money!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Do you have all the food and drinks you need for family get-togethers?  What about Black Friday?  Don’t forget Cyber Monday!  With the holiday season upon us, you probably have a laundry list of things to buy ranging from gifts to food.  What if I told you there is a way to get paid for buying things you are already planning to buy?  Here’s my holiday gift to you – 3 FREE money-saving apps (and a bonus) that do just that!  Keep reading and make sure to download and create accounts for these apps before you even think about setting foot in a store or clicking ‘add to cart’.  If you are buying anything without these apps, you are literally leaving money on the table.  Don’t be that person!  Now, without further ado, here are your absolute must-have apps!

#1 Ebates

I’m going to start off incorrectly categorizing from the get-go.  However, you’ll agree that it’s totally forgivable because of how awesome Ebates is.

If you have already heard of Ebates and just remembered you were meaning to sign up, click HERE to get signed up before kids and/or work distract you again!  An added bonus is that by using this link, you get a $10 bonus the first time you use Ebates.

If you aren’t sure what Ebates is, keep reading.  Ebates isn’t new.  It’s actually been around since 2009 (can you believe that is almost a decade ago?). However, I find a ton of people don’t know it exists.  Therefore, I’ll do my PSA to tell you about it.  Ebates is a website you register for (FREE; no credit card required). Then whenever you want to online shop you access the online store via their website.  After that, you just shop like normal and get cash back on your purchases. Checks are mailed quarterly. 

Now, this sounds great, but we online shop for the convenience, especially as busy, scatter-brained moms.  It’s kind of a hassle to remember to go to one website just to get to another.  There’s a solution to that!  There is an Ebates browser extension (also free) that pops up with a reminder whenever you are in a shop that has cashback.  All you do is click the little pop-up bubble to activate and then continue with your shopping.  This is a game-changer for the usability of Ebates. 

If you are ready to sign up, you can do so HERE! Once you make your first Ebates purchase, you will get an automatic $10 as long as you use the link above!

Almost all major stores are on Ebates.  Hotels and travel websites are also included.  Therefore, if you are planning holiday travel, make sure to get your cash back.  Still not convinced?  Just think about the Cyber Monday deals you are stalking, and then imagine getting cash back on top of that.  Are you convinced yet?  I’m sure you are, so go sign up and get your $10 HERE!!

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#2 Drop

Now we will get into the real apps.  Drop is an app I found earlier this year, and I was skeptical.  The app is free to download.  All you have to do is register your credit card (or debit card).  I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry – it doesn’t ever get charged!  Once you have a card registered, the app tracks the purchases you make with that card and gives you points.  If you use multiple cards, you can register them all to get maximum points.  Every 5000 points give you $5.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend $5000 to get 5000 points.  The points per dollar vary per store, but you can get 50 to 100 points per dollar for many popular stores.  Once you earn at least 5000 points, you can start redeeming them for gift cards.  I use my points for Starbucks gift cards, but there are plenty of other choices.

You can find out more about it HERE!

 I registered my credit card but wasn’t sure if it would really accumulate enough points to be worth it.   I put the app on a back screen on my phone and forgot about it.  A couple months later I opened it out of curiosity and realized I had enough points for $15 worth of Starbucks gift cards. I’ve since earned a couple more gift cards with zero effort.  This app isn’t going to make you rich quick, but for no effort, it’s totally worth setting up.  To get you jump-started, my readers can earn an immediate $5 just for downloading the app and registering a credit or debit card.  Make sure you use the code oxpxm to get the offer though! Get started HERE!

# 3 Ibotta

Ibotta is another app that has been around for quite a while (about 7 years), but a lot of people have never heard of it.  Ibotta takes a tiny bit of effort.  Before heading to the store, browse the current offers and select the ones you want. Then when you finish shopping, scan your receipt into the app using your phone camera.  The app registers that you made a purchase and provides the cash back within 48 hours.  Your cash back can either be transferred to PayPal or turned into gift cards. 

Ready to join Ibotta?  Click HERE!

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If you aren’t sure about having to find the offers in the app, there are Facebook groups to help with that.  One example is the group Ibotta Friends and Bonuses.  This group lets you connect with other people that are using the app. They talk about the best deals each week and you can work together to earn team bonuses.

If you like the idea of working with a team so everyone gets great deals, sign up for Ibotta here to get started.

This app has a reputation for grocery shopping.  However, it’s not limited to groceries.  You can also earn cash back at clothing stores and even for mobile in-app purchases from popular shopping apps like Amazon and Groupon.  Also, if you buy wine, you need this app!  I just earned $30 from using the app when I went to the wine store this morning!  It has great cash back on wine pretty consistently.

If you buy groceries, clothes, wine, or things on Amazon, then get signed up for Ibotta HERE!

I find Ibotta is a great app for a husband-project.  My husband manages Ibotta for us and then keeps the cash back for his own interests. He spends about 10 minutes a week on the app and earned $50 this past month.  You can sign up for this must-have app here.

#4 ShopKick

Shopkick is an app that rewards you for walking into stores, scanning certain items and purchases you make.  You earn points in the app that you can put towards free gift cards.  This app is super easy to use.  You can use it when you are at stores, or walk around the mall and earn a lot of points in a short amount of time.  I have been able to earn a $5 Walmart gift card on a Saturday morning just by going to the mall and a few other stores around town. 

You can download the app here.  Make sure to enter the code CARD986984 to get an extra 250 points after your first walk-in points.

As if another way to earn free gift cards isn’t enough reason, this app can even make for a fun family scavenger hunt when the weather is bad.  You and your husband can both download the app here.  Then go to the mall with the kids and split into two teams.  See which team can get all the Shopkick points available first.  This can be harder than it sounds to find all the items you get points for scanning.

Ready to start racking up the free gift cards?  Download the app here, and enter code CARD986984 for an extra 250 points!

Bonus Tip!

This isn’t one of my core apps because it’s not free, and I promised you free apps. However, Amazon Prime is a must-have for any busy mom.  If you online shop, you know how expensive shipping can be and how long it can take to get packages.  Amazon Prime is hands down the best invention ever!  I’m not sure how I could function without it.  You can order just about everything on Amazon, and with Prime it arrives in two days with free shipping!  The shipping is my favorite part because I’m the most impatient person ever.  When I order something, I want it yesterday. 

Make sure to sign up for Amazon Prime here before you add any more items to your shopping cart!

However, there are also a ton of other fun benefits like Prime Music, Prime Movies and special discounts just for Prime members!  All this wonderfulness does come with a price tag though.  Amazon Prime is $12.99/month, which is about the shipping cost on one or two online orders.  Therefore, if you shop on Amazon at all, it’s totally worth it.  Still not convinced?  Click here to try it FREE for 30 days!  If you don’t think it’s worth the cost, you can cancel at the end of your trial.

Get your FREE 30-day trial of Amazon Prime HERE!

Already have Amazon Prime, but know someone that needs it? Give the gift of Prime HERE!

Now that you have all my secrets, go forth and get cash back on all your holiday shopping!  If you need some gift ideas, check out these gift guides on picture books and baby clothes.

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If You Aren’t Using These 4 Money-Saving Apps, You Are Missing Out on Free Money!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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