I’m a genetically predisposed workaholic, who had a baby on New Years Eve.  Now I’m determined to continue excelling at the career I love and be an awesome mom.  Being a mom has proved to be challenging, but it’s a fun kind of challenge where I delight in figuring out the best way to make baby food or a new organization scheme for my son’s nursery, or a fun new toy, etc. I never really nested before Paxton was born, but I certainly feel like I spend a large amount of my free time nesting now. Since Paxton arrived, I’ve figured out a number of tricks on organization, things I need that I never thought I would need, which products are life savers and which products are more trouble than they are worth and many other little facts. I’ve been storing this information in my head, but I never found a blog that has all these insights in one place, so I decided to create one that I can share with other new moms. Check out all the posts to see my, sometimes random, discoveries since I’ve become a mother and ways I’ve figured out to have it all.

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  1. Looking forward to ALL the organizing help, Would also love to hear how you organize your schedule for the week? I’ve recently been trying to get more scheduled and planned out. Would love to hear more from a mom who clearly knows how to organize her time!

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